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FAQ — wash



How often should I use Noggin Oil WASH?

WASH as often as you need. People with active lifestyles or heavy perspiration may use it everyday.

Can Noggin Oil WASH replace my regular shampoo?

Everyone has a different cleansing routine. We say try it and if you feel the need to use a traditional shampoo once in a while, that’s ok too. WASH is formulated to cleanse the scalp fast and effectively without wetting all the hair.

Can I spray Noggin Oil WASH onto my locs/extensions/braids?

The light formulation of WASH smells fantastic and may be sprayed periodically to freshen dreads. Over spraying is not recommended.

Can I use Noggin Oil WASH on other parts of my body?

While WASH is not designed to use on the body, we have heard many positive reports of how great it is to use under the arms and other bits. Use at your own risk.