In 2013, Brian Phillips, Celebrity Stylist, Founder of worldSALON and WORLD Hair and Skin scoured the web in search of a skilled and accomplished Loctician to help in the unenviable task of repairing his fragmented “locs”. An online search for Loc specialists resulted in the discovery of Karen Wallington, an acclaimed Dreadlock Practitioner with over 20 years of expertise in her field, founder of MODLOCKS and an Instructor that shares proprietary techniques on how to create, maintain and style dreadlocks for all hair types.

Karen’s work exceeded Brian's expectations and a friendship blossomed. Karen joined worldSALON’s Styling Team shortly thereafter and through fashion shows and fundraisers a professional chemistry became apparent. Karen continued to care for Brian’s dreadlocks, each loc maintenance rife with laughter, industry chatter, musings about fashion politics and the environment.

Amidst one of their many eclectic conversations, Karen talked about how people experience maintenance services differently. Some clients find it enjoyable, almost like getting a scalp massage, while others find it almost painful. It was the biggest concern for her - how to make all her clients feel as comfortable as possible. She revealed that finally after years of brainstorming, she crafted an essential oil formulation that not only eased pain from tension during services, but surprisingly helped those who may experience sensitivity or tension headaches post maintenance.

Brian enthusiastically piped up and conveyed how he too came up with an idea for a spray formulated to break down build-up on the scalp without having to wet or submerge the entire head, a problem he was experiencing with his own dreads.

Separately the ideas were respectable, together the concept – ingenious. In 2018, Brian, Karen and their two other partners Gordon Bathurst, Managing Director and Donna Edwards, Director of Operations were thrilled to launch Noggin Oil, uniquely developed products with the cleanest ingredient profile, specially formulated for those with parted or sectioned hairstyles.

Noggin Oils vision is to be a brand of hair care products that work with any other hair care or hairstyling product on the market! We are not afraid of competition because we don’t subscribe to it. Instead, we choose to celebrate diversity and individuality and support those who feel the same. As we grow, we look forward to working with even more ethical brands, beauty professionals and other organizations that we like and respect simply because they do great things!

Born in Toronto, Canada and spreading across North America, team Noggin Oil is so excited to share their brand with you, they welcome you to the Noggin Oil family!


We work together everyday to create products we know will improve lives.






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