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Our Story

In 2013, Brian was in search for the very best loctician to fix his broken dreadlocks. After a brief search online, he found Karen and with many positive reviews and many great photos of her work. He immediately made an appointment with her and when the two finally met, there was an instant connection between them both as entrepreneurs and experts in the industry. Karen exceeded all of Brian's expectations and a friendship emerged.

Shortly thereafter, Brian invited Karen to join the World Salon Styling Team for fashion show fundraisers Dare to Wear and Love-Her. They worked alongside each other so effortlessly, it seemed to be a true indication that they had professional chemistry.

Over the years, Karen has taken good care of Brian’s locs and every time they meet there’s endless inspirational conversation. They talk about hair, the industry, fashion, the environment and always with a copious amount of enthusiasm and laughter; A trait they share to the core.

Then one day, amidst of one of their inspiring conversations, Karen casually mentioned how some people experience higher sensitivity when they have loc maintenance. This was a problem she had been trying to solve for years and years. Then she went on to tell him about an idea she had for an essential oil formula to alleviate the tension.

Brian enthusiastically jumped in about a problem that he was trying to solve with his own dreadlocks. And that he too came up with an idea for a spray formulated to break down build-up on the scalp without having to wet all his locs.

Separately the ideas were good but together, there was potential for an amazing concept: products specifically made for sectioned hair. And so the beginning of Noggin Oil began.

Brian Phillips

Brian Phillips received a BA in Communication Studies from Concordia University in Montreal in 1981. In 1989 he opened worldSALON, which in 1993 was voted “Perennial Best Hair Experience” by Toronto Life Magazine. After a serious skin reaction caused by toxics in salon products, Phillips launched worldPRODUCTS in 2001, a multi-use personal care line for hair and skin that is a healthy alternative to the plethora of toxic products on the market today. The line was perfected and wholesaled to select establishments for testing, with resounding success. In June 2015 the line was re-branded as WORLD Hair and Skin and is now being offered to a community of like-minded salons and retailers across North America and Europe, striving to achieve healthier beauty for clients, staff and customers.

A creative dynamo, Phillips has designed hair for many MAC advertising campaigns, twenty three years of “Fashion Cares” fashion shows and worked on celebrities from Norah Jones, kd lang and Joni Mitchell to James Marsden, Kim Cattrall and Terence Howard. In July 2004, The Clean Air Foundation’s “Cool Shops” launched their summer program at worldSALON where Mayor David Miller congratulated Brian for being a leader in the small business community. In June 2007, worldSALON received a Certificate of Achievement from the Ontario Power Authority for reducing electricity consumption by 50% in seven years and in March 2010, Phillips was honoured by Toronto’s “Green Circle Salons”, as the first recipient of the “Green Circle Award for Environmental Stewardship” at the Canadian Hairdresser Awards. In November 2014, worldSALON was voted Best Hair Salon in Toronto in the Now Magazine “Best of Toronto” Reader’s poll and in February 2015, Phillips was honoured at Environmental Defence’s 30th Anniversary Gala with the “Green Champion Award” for 2015 for “25 years of leadership in sustainable business practices and progressive work eliminating toxic chemicals in personal care products.”

worldSALON is in it’s 28th year of business and continues to be recognized for it’s “cutting edge” style and being a leader in Canada for sustainable business practices. In his down time, Phillips is an avid runner and on November 1st, 2015, he ran the New York City Marathon in a time of 4:15. He also writes, and his work has appeared in “InMagazine”, “Conflict Resolution Magazine”, blogs for,, and the art book “Queen of the Fish Heads” by Ivan Otis.

In the near future he plans on publishing “Tectonica” – a compilation of poetry and short fiction he completed working on with the guidance of Antanas Sileika as part of the Humber School for Writers Correspondence Program.

Karen Wallington

Karen Wallington is a licensed hairstylist, professional loctician, educator and the founder of Modlocks, an internationally recognized brand name specializing in dreadlocks. For over 19 years, she has developed modern dreadlock creation, maintenance and repair techniques for all hair textures which attract clients from all around the world. She has worked on clients in the NFL and the NBA.

Karen is the author of the Knotty Boy Dreadlock Manual for Loctician Training and a top 10 finalist of a National reality TV show called Superstar Hair Challenge.

Karen teaches regular workshops and thoroughly enjoys speaking to new motivated cosmetology students as well as accomplished experts in the industry.

Her latest project with Brian Phillips, founder of World Hair and Skin is called Noggin Oil: Essential oil therapy for your noggin.