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Essential oil therapy for your Noggin Specially formulated for dreadlocks, braids and extensions.




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Noggin - Combo

Noggin - Combo

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Brian & Karen
Together, there was potential for an amazing product

In 2013, Brian was in search for the very best loctician to fix his broken dreadlocks. After a brief search online, he found Karen and with many positive reviews and many great photos of her work. He immediately made an appointment with her and when the two finally met, there was an instant connection between them both as entrepreneurs and experts in the industry. Karen exceeded all of Brian's expectations and a friendship emerged.

Shortly thereafter, Brian invited Karen to join the World Salon Styling Team for fashion show fundraisers Dare to Wear and Love-Her. They worked alongside each other so effortlessly, it seemed to be a true indication that they had professional chemistry.

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Noggin Oil


We use organic essential oils to give our products a nice, natural smell. No artificial fragrances here.



What currency are these prices in?

Our prices are in USD. Our store will process all purchases in USD even if you use a currency switcher to view the price in your native currency.

Why did you choose these ingredients?

Many of the ingredients in Noggin Oil products have health and beauty benefits.

  • Apricot
    Moisturizes the hair and scalp while increasing the hydration level and reducing dryness
  • Cajeput
    Relieves dry scalp and dandruff
  • Eucalyptus
    Soothes itching, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial Frankincense Promotes healthy scalp, moisturizes hair follicles
  • Grape seed
    Adds shine, no greasy feel, locks in moisture, reduces dandruff
  • Lavender
    Balances sebum, moisturizes scalp, relieves itching, improves circulation
  • Lemon peel
    Antiseptic and anti-microbial, reduces inflammation
  • Peppermint
    Soothes itching, anti inflammatory, promotes hair growth, reduces dandruff
  • Vitamin E
    Promotes hair growth, repairs damaged follicles

Why roller bottles?

The roller bottles make it super convenient apply the oil directly onto the scalp efficiently and effectively without wasting product or getting it on your hands.

Are Noggin Oil products tested on animals?

No, they are not tested on animals, but on willing humans.

Are Noggin Oil products safe for children?

WASH is safe for all ages. The roller bottle formulas (CHILL and REPLENISH etc.) are not recommended for children under 6 because of the intensity of the essential oils.

Are Noggin Oil products natural and environmentally friendly?

Yes, All our products are plant based, vegan and contain no parabens, sulphates, phthalates, fragrance, colour, gluten or palm oil. They are biodegradable and will not harm aquatic life.

What makes Noggin Oil products smell so good?

The scents are derived from specially blended essential oils.

Where is the Noggin Oil made?

Noggin Oil was created by Canadian hairstyling duo, Karen Wallington and Brian Phillips.

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Noggin Oil Launches

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